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Make voids and delaminations a thing of the past, and avoid making the same mistakes as your competitors. Advanced Composites Training has an array of specialized courses designed to equip you with comprehensive first-hand experience of real-world, on-the-job repair and fabrication procedures.

View our course list to see how you can learn seamless repair skills, resin infusion, and non-destructive inspection techniques in just days!

What are advanced composites and how are they used?

A ‘composite’ is a combination of two or more materials by chemical process, which together create a new material or structure that has different, more desirable properties.

The most common composite materials known are carbon fiber and fiberglass structures used in Aviation, Automotive, Marine, Wind Turbine, Aerospace, and more recently in Sporting Equipment and Medical applications. Composites are truly versatile materials and are being chosen to replace traditional metals such as steel in the process of light-weighting, improved strength, and general performance enhancement in structures of all kinds.

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Finding the Unicorn

Finding the Unicorn

Too often in technical industries we hear the employers’ collective sighs over finding the “unicorn”; that right-fit employee with the knowledge and...

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ACT President, Wilson Boynton, at Edwards Air Force Base Training with the Royal Netherlands Air Force F-35 TES Structures Repair Group

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Advanced Composites Training (ACT) is an elite training organization for advanced composite structural applications spanning a wide variety of industries. With an array of courses devoted to process-specific hands-on material and process training, our curriculum can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your team.

Our reputation for excellence has stayed with us throughout our many years in business and  across 40 nations worldwide, along with maintaining a 100% employment rate for our graduates.