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Some things just need to be under pressure. This applies to the manufacture of both monolithic and sandwich-style composite structures. The ACT Autoclave Operations course provides an in-depth examination of the principal factors involved with the autoclave curing process. This course will provide a dynamic overview of this complex technology.

NOTE: This course is strictly designed to be an On-Site program, to be delivered at the customer’s location and with the customer’s own operating autoclave available for the trainee’s projects.


This 4-day course will provide the trainee with the essential knowledge of autoclave processing methods and repair techniques for advanced composites structures.

Cure-cycle program development will be performed by the trainees, which will involve several hands-on projects of fabricating structures with carbon & glass fibers. Emphasis is placed on potential defects and pitfalls of the laminating process with the Instructor’s introduction of ‘surprise’ flaws into the trainee’s projects and demonstrating various breakdowns in the autoclave curing process.

Topics covered in this 4-day course include:

  • Working with pre-preg composite materials
  • Health & Safety issues with materials and the autoclave
  • Vacuum bagging for autoclave applications
  • Basic laminate design for autoclaved structures
  • Autoclave design, operation, and maintenance
  • Autoclave process control: cure cycle development and programming
  • Issues specific to standard air-pressurized and inert atmosphere autoclaves

Prerequisites: ACT’s Module 1, or equivalent industry experience and training are highly recommended.


FAA – Federal Aviation Administration acceptable towards Inspection Authorization (IA) Renewal Training.

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