Module 2 – Advanced Composite Structures, Damage Evaluation and Repair


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Optimized and highly stress-loaded composite structures require advanced materials, tools, and processes for inspection and repair. ACT’s Module 2 uses state-of-the-art materials, equipment, and methods to impart hands-on knowledge & skills to the trainee.


This course challenges the trainee with more complex repairs, utilizing advanced epoxy Pre-Impregnated Materials (also termed ‘prepregs’). Trainees perform real-world hands-on repairs with state-of-the-art Hot Bonder composite repair units to cure the materials at high temperatures. Hot Bonder unit programming and interpretation of results are examined in detail.

Topics covered in this 5-day course include:

  • Hot-bonded repairs to thin, highly stressed structures
  • Concentration on more difficult and advanced repair situations & techniques
  • Programming of Hot Bonder units for control of accelerated cures with pre-impregnated aramid, glass, and carbon fibers
  • Performing repairs referencing SRM (Structural Repair Manual) data & instructions
  • Quality assurance considerations for fabrication and repair for in-shop and in-field service repairs
  • Additional training and exercises in the detection of flaws and damage in composite structures using various NDI (Non-Destructive Inspection) methods; Digital Tap-Testing (mechanical impedance), Ultrasonic, and Infrared Thermography


Prerequisites: It is strongly recommended that potential trainees have ACT’s Module 1 or the equivalent theory and practical experience prior to attending this course.


FAA – Federal Aviation Administration acceptable towards Inspection Authorization (IA) Renewal Training.

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