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ICT - Information on Composite Technologies

The ICT training program provides an exceptional overview of Advanced Composite Technologies. ICT is unique in that it may be tailored specifically to the training requirements of any engineering technician in the fields of Automotive / Marine / Aerospace / Aviation / Industrial FRP / Sports, or any application where the use of composite materials are applied.

Managers, Supervisors, Purchasing Agents and related Support Personnel newly tasked to be working with composites operations, will benefit greatly from the ICT course if they have not previously received professional training in composites technologies.

As an introductory level course, ICT will provide the trainee with the foundation knowledge and skill, necessary to objectively assess their current involvement with composites and their technical requirements specific to their business.

Topics covered in this 3-day course include:

  • Applications of composite materials in modern aircraft / automotive & marine structures
  • Carbon fibre, aramid, boron, glass, basalt & spectra fiber materials
  • Resin systems – epoxy, polyester, vinylester, phenolics and pre-preg systems
  • Core materials – metal, plastics, carbon and aramid cores
  • Adhesives – thixotropic bonding paste, epoxies, etc.
  • Basic laminate design, understanding the essential theory behind the function and construction of a fibre laminate composite structure!
  • Health and safety considerations for any person or engaged in composites operations
  • Shop practices and quality control methods
  • vacuum bagging, various repair methodologies demonstrating state of the art equipment
  • damage assessment and NDI methods for detecting flaws in composites laminates


Prior composites experience or training is not required.


FAA – Federal Aviation Administration acceptable towards Inspection Authorization IA Renewal Training

Dates Location USD$ Status Register
Aug 9 - Aug 11, 2022 London, ON 795 Open