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Integrated 4C Program - Composites & Tooling Design

Welcome to a truly unique training experience with the ACT - Advanced Composites Training Integrated 4C Program

  • CAD: Computer Aided (Tooling) Design
  • CAM: Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • CNC: Computer Numerical Control (Machining of Master Pattern)
  • Composites: Rapid & Prototype Tooling and Part Fabrication

This course is suitable for persons with no prior knowledge or experience in these focused applications and aims to provide them with a solid foundation in CAD, CAM, CNC and Composite mold making technologies.

This 2-week course teaches applied knowledge & skills to your workforce, providing enhanced technical communication for engineers and manufacturing technicians. A primary focus on delivering workflow and efficiency gains that will optimize your business operations.

CAD skills are enhanced using parametric sketching, 3D direct modelling, and technical drawing using Fusion 360™ software. Fusion 360™ connects your entire product development process in a single cloud-based platform that works on both Mac and PC.

Trainees will apply this knowledge to CNC machine their designed projects using an Iconic™ CNC machining center. This newly-formed Master pattern will be utilized for mold and component fabrication using composite materials technologies.

Topics covered in this 10-day course include:

  • Interpretation of a composite part engineering drawing
  • Designing a component using both parametric and direct modelling techniques
  • Apply strategic 2D & 3D toolpath operations for CNC machining
  • Basics of CNC operation, including: workholding / fixturing, recommended tool selections, with speed & feed best practices
  • Post process toolpaths for uploading G-code programs to CNC controller
  • Materials and processes used in composite components and structures
  • Silicone & Urethane cast molding + vacuum assisted composite part fabrication
  • Basic laminate design theory for optimization of composite structures

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