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RBMS - Module 1 - Repair of Bonded Metal Structures

This course provides an exceptional overview of the essential knowledge materials, techniques and processes involved in the repair of bonded metal structures.

Demonstrations and hands on projects involve the use of PASA, PAMTA, PACS, BoeGel and other metal treatment processes for skin/core replacement. Extensive training on state-of-the-art hot bonding and aluminum anodizing equipment is included.

Topics covered in this 5-day course include:

  • Aluminum surface preparation using various treatment methods
  • Essential knowledge of structural adhesives
  • Adhesive cure cycles and methods for accelerated cures
  • Bond line importance, integrity, thickness and contamination factors
  • Aluminum honeycomb core materials, cleaning and treatments
  • Damage assessment and repair techniques for metal sandwich structures
  • Vacuum bagging techniques
  • Phosphoric acid non-tank anodizing or panta process
  • Techniques and uses for pasa gel processes
  • Health and safety; handling and disposing of substances, composite shop practices
  • Utilizing hot bonders for controlled accelerated cures of bonded structural repairs


Prior sheet metal experience would be an asset but is not required.


FAA – Federal Aviation Administration acceptable towards Inspection Authorization IA Renewal Training

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Oct 4 - Oct 8, 2021 London, ON 1979 Closed Registration closed