Composite Fabricator Program - Manufacturing and Assembly of Advanced Composites (MAAC)


USD $1,000.00

Designed to be customized to the customer’s individual manufacturing materials and processes, the MACC course is perfect for new-hires and mid-level experienced composites manufacturing Technicians alike.

NOTE: This program is designed for employers/ companies and is not intended for individual registration. Course content can be custom designed as an onsite course, (to be
instructed at the customer facility), or instructed at the ACT institute, per your preference.


Trainees will experience a comprehensive selection of information related to the most modern manufacturing methods, with particular emphasis upon the processes of vacuum bag open molding & resin infusion processing and accelerated heat curing of composites. A combination of wet resin and pre-impregnated materials are used in the hands-on shop exercises.

This program is customized to deliver a high level of both theoretical knowledge and practical skills development in a concentrated, focused, and shorter time frame than most courses offered by post-secondary educational institutions.

Graduates from this course will be thoroughly familiar with the physical and functional properties of composite materials, safe work practices, specialized handling requirements, and process specifications (including customer-specific processes, if desired).

This course includes reference to numerous internationally recognized standards for composites manufacturing and repair operations.

Topics covered in this 5 – 15-day* course include:

  • Resin-matrix materials & pre-impregnated fiber materials
  • Basic laminate design for structures manufacturing
  • Vacuum bagging techniques
  • Techniques of open and closed molding
  • Part trimming and net form inspection
  • Oven and autoclave curing processes
  • Damage types and causes
  • Composites structural repair methods
  • Fastener installation in composite structures

*Dependent upon individual customer requirements & specifications of course content.

Prerequisites: Prior composites experience or training is not required.

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