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Internationally recognized training for composite materials technologies applicable to all industries

What you will learn

Essential Materials Knowledge

We specialize in teaching you the ‘why’ when working with composite materials, not just the ‘how’, to equip you with the tools you will need beyond the classroom.

Hands-On Experience

Each of our courses place emphasis on the practical applications of composites materials and processes. We believe the best education is one where essential theory meets real-world experience to give you the confidence you need on the job.


Employable Skills

With our training you will achieve the most sought-after skills in the composite industries that Employers are searching for. Continuing to set a standard of excellence in our training, many of our trainees find employment opportunities before they have graduated their courses!

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Careers in composites

Composite materials are changing to the way industries evolve due to their unique properties such as resistance to corrosive elements and creating structures of lesser weight and equal-or-greater strength than basic metal structures made of steel, aluminum, or iron.

With the use of composites, Designers, Manufacturers, and Engineers have the ability to produce structures and provide services that would never have been possible with metals alone.
Our training courses aim to supply knowledgeable and skilled Technicians & Engineers to this diverse range of industries and applications spanning Wind Turbines, Marine Vessels, Aviation, Aerospace, Automotive, Sporting Equipment, Manufacturing, and much more.

“When a group of Mistras employees attended the ACT Wind Turbine Blade Repair course, I was interested to learn that there was an outside participant in the course. I was impressed by the initiative they had shown by attending training on their own. Upon completing the course we negotiated a job offer and they are now part of our blade repair team.”

– Operations Manager, Mistras Group Inc.

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Hear about our award winning students

The training Gregoire received from ACT resulted in him having the highest mark in the Composite Module, earning him a Medallion of Excellence. Thanks to the training he received with ACT, he was able to approach [the competition] in a relaxed fashion which set the stage for a solid performance.”

– Ryan Gillis, WorldSkills Expert [Team Canada]

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