Transform your team with advanced composites knowledge and skills

Grow your business with a more confident and efficient team


Gain Versatility

With ACT training for your team, you won’t feel constrained in your choice of client contracts, or limited by a lack of knowledgeable personnel. Transform your workforce capabilities with practical, hands-on composites training and become a top industry supplier in your field.

Improve Efficiency

Knowledgeable and experienced personnel who have received training together mean streamlined communication and project planning. From the Manufacturers and Design Engineers to the Maintenance Technicians, understanding the process every step of the way makes for fewer unhappy surprises in production and repair, which means more time for you and your clients.

Reduce Costs

With increased efficiency comes a reduction in waste; less wasted materials in fabrication and assembly, less wasted parts and tools with troubleshooting unexpected problems, less time spent training new hires, and more time and ability to take on new projects that contribute to your bottom line. How’s that for a return on investment!

The flexibility you need

Train at our facility or onsite at your location
We offer flexibility for your training needs; at our dedicated composite training facilities in London, ON Canada and Devon, UK, or onsite at your location!
If you have a large team that requires training, or a specialised technology/ project, sending your technicians to our locations may not always be the right option to meet your training goals.
Many of our courses can be taught onsite at our customer’s facilities, bringing the necessary equipment and world-renowned training from industry experts where you need it.
Customised training programs
The drive for innovation in composites industries is as continuous as it is unstoppable, so it comes as no surprise that our clients’ training needs are as unique as their vision.
At ACT we can offer Custom Course Development tailored to your specific applications and technologies, in-house at our facilities or onsite at your location. We have been honoured with developing custom training programs for both military and civilian clients across the globe, and our Training Experts are standing by to hear more about your development and structural repair needs.

Tell us about your goals

Financial support for training Canadian businesses
This is the opportunity all employers in Canada should know about!
The Canada Job Grant is a program designed to financially assist employers seeking to acquire training for new and existing personnel from third-party industry professionals like Advanced Composites Training. This is an ongoing grant opportunity that offers up to $10,000 in government support per person for training costs.
Each Province and Territory has their own version of this grant available for application so be sure to check out the guidelines associated with your location. You can find your applicable links and resources on our Grants By Province page.

Hear it from Tim Hodgins, founder & CEO of Cynergy Composites

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