Take a TIP from us and let us help you reach your goals faster with our 0% Financing Program!

Training will always be a smart investment in your future, but the up-front cost can be difficult to budget for. Don’t let financial woes stand in the way of your career goals!

With ACT’s Training Initiative Program, you can take control of your career in as little as 5 days, and with just 6 monthly payments with 0% interest, you can find employment opportunities that provide real financial security, so your training investment pays for itself.

TIP Program Details

Register for any ACT course(s) and only pay 50% of your total fees on the first day of your training.

The remaining 50% of your fees will be paid in 6 equal monthly installments with 0% interest!

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a first-time recipient of ACT Training services
  • You must be financing your training as an individual and not as an employee of a corporate entity or government
  • You must have a Financial Guarantor who is a Canadian Citizen (such as a Parent, Guardian, or Sponsor)

If you meet the criteria above and would like to participate in our TIP Program, simply download and complete the Client Agreement Form via the link below and provide a physical copy to the Registrar along with your initial 50% payment on your first day of training.

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