Save on time and travel costs for your team with our Onsite Training programs.

The Onsite Advantage


Hands-on training for your employees with the ease and familiarity of their regular workspace helps to improve their ability to immediately apply their new skills to the job.

Customized Training

Tailor the course content to align with your specific training objectives and bring even more value to your business using your own unique technologies, materials, and processes for a customized training experience.

Cost Savings

When you have a large team to train, travel & accommodation expenses can eat away at your budget. With the Onsite experience, our expert Instructors can deliver hands-on, worry-free training at your location for a fraction of the cost.

Time and Convenience

Reduce the time your team will spend away from their work and increase your productivity now.

Facility Requirements

The ACT Team has the ability to provide all necessary instructional materials, training equipment, PPE, and consumables as may be required, however, this training will require suitable facilities in order to be conducted onsite.
To be eligible for ACT’s onsite training services, we require your facilities to have the following:
  • A classroom or boardroom area (chairs and table top for trainees), equipped with an HDMI compatible monitor or projector screen for essential theory lessons
  • A ‘wet lab’ (a clean and climate controlled work area) in which wet resin layup and repair exercises can be performed
  • A separate ‘grinding bay’ area equipped with a particulate-removal filtration system for the scarfing of composite laminate surfaces

In addition to the facility requirements, for optimal cost effectiveness, we require a minimum of 6 training participants, and recommend a class size of 6-12 participants per instructor for each course.

Think onsite training may be the right solution for your team?

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