MCGR – Marine Composites & Gelcoat Repair


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The design and construction of modern composite vessels have changed dramatically over the past two decades; from canoes & kayaks, 16-foot runabouts to 110-foot super-yachts, and military marine vessels. So too, have the materials and methods for their manufacture and repair changed and adapted. In this comprehensive hands-on course, we take composite repair and restoration technologies to the next level for marine vessels of all types!


This course provides an exceptional overview of the essential and advanced methods, technologies, equipment, materials and processes involved in the repair of new-age composite boats. The latest materials technologies utilizing glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber (Kevlar™), fabrics, and cores, will be applied during the intensive daily hands-on shop exercises in this course.

Polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resin systems will be demonstrated and used in the shop. Lectures and shop exercises will be provided each day that challenge the trainee to perform complex repairs that are vacuum-bagged and cured with heat control. Gelcoat colour matching tools and techniques are practiced, with a focus on damaged and weather-faded finishes.

Topics covered in this 5-day course include:

  • Trends and recent developments in composite materials for Marine Manufacturing & Repair processes
  • The essential knowledge of composite materials; resin (matrix) systems, fiber reinforcements, and varying types of core materials
  • Composite boat design, the essential theory of how composite materials are incorporated into the structural design of boats
  • Detection of flaws and damage in hulls and decks, etc. using various inspection methods with digital Tap-Testing, and Infrared Thermography
  • Health & Safety; handling and disposing of composite chemical substances, repair shop requirements for Quality Control of composite materials
  • Structural repair techniques for modern composite boats using advanced glass fiber and carbon fiber materials
  • Required shop practices, environmental controls, cutting, grinding, sanding, laminating, and post-cure methods
  • Vacuum bagging and curing processes for wet-layup localized repairs
  • Gelcoat colour matching and restoration of faded or damaged surfaces


Prerequisites: Prior composites experience or training is not required.

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