RBMS – Module 2 – Repair of Bonded Metal Aircraft Structures


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Central to the manufacturing of aluminium aircraft structures is the requirement to BOND the components together, as well as installing mechanical fasteners. No single operation is more important to metal bonding than the preparation of the adherent surfaces. ACT’s RBMS Module 2 course provides hands-on instruction in the most common practices and materials used for advanced metal-to-metal and metal-to-composite bonding operations.


Utilizing the theory and practical skills-building exercises learned in RBMS Module 1, this ‘Part 2’ course applies them to a real-world repair project, where trainees will be tasked with damage assessment, data research, repair design, and hands-on completion of the repair to a real aircraft aluminum aircraft structures.

Topics covered in this 5-day course include:

Researching the required materials and parts to perform a repair to a bonded honeycomb core aircraft structure. The creation of an ‘Engineering Order’ to describe the step-by-step process that will be used to perform this repair on an actual aircraft bonded metal component.

  • Compensating for heat-sinking in the repair of bonded metal structures
  • Examination of Bond Line Integrity, thickness, and contamination factors
  • Damage assessment and repair techniques for metal sandwich structures
  • Gathering data from the SRM and repair documents
  • Core bonding processes
  • Removing metal skins and cores using various methods
  • Completing a bonded metal structural repair on a damaged component; a start-to-finish hands-on project

Prerequisites: Completion of RBMS Module 1 is required for this course.


FAA – Federal Aviation Administration acceptable towards Inspection Authorization (IA) Renewal Training.

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