WTBR – Wind Turbine Blade Repair


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There has been an exponential increase in the number of composite Wind Turbines being installed worldwide, as Wind Energy technologies surge to fill the gap in renewable energy generation. This creates the problem of far more turbines than there are Technicians who are trained to repair them, especially damaged composite turbine blade assemblies.
ACT’s WTBR course is a comprehensive introduction to the essential knowledge and skills that a Technician must have to successfully inspect damaged composite blades and to understand the proper repair procedures and safety measures required to prevent further damage and avoid potential structural failure.


This course is an intensive hands-on training experience designed for Field Technicians and Manufacturing Personnel, responsible for structural repairs on large or small scale composite wind turbine blades.

Combining theory and practical repair processes, ACT applies state-of-the-art equipment and repair methods for the repair of these complex composite structures. Trainees will be introduced to non-destructive inspection techniques using Digital Tap Hammers and infrared cameras.

Trainees will be instructed and then tasked to perform a complicated structural repair using a vacuum bag and a heat accelerated cure.

This course is instructed at the ACT training institute located in London, Ontario Canada. The WTBR course may also be instructed on-site at our customers’ own facilities anywhere, worldwide. Contact Us for details regarding our onsite services!

Topics covered in this 5-Day course include:

  • Fundamentals of blade design and function
  • Fiber types and the important physical properties of glass & carbon fibers
  • Resin matrix systems and structural bonding adhesives
  • Repair design considerations and the essential methods of repair
  • Proper techniques for contamination and damage removal
  • Laminating processes, fiber orientation, and vacuum bag installation
  • Application of heat to accelerate resin cures
  • Using Hot Bonder units to control the applied heat curing process
  • Leading-edge erosion repair
  • Repair methods for leading and trailing edge separation


Prerequisites: Prior composites experience or training is not required.

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