Too often in technical industries we hear the employers’ collective sighs over finding the “unicorn”; that right-fit employee with the knowledge and skills to help them take their business into a new era of productivity and efficiency.

At ACT, we’re in the business of making unicorns. 

What we’re talking about here is neither a dubiously colourful drink at Starbucks, nor the rainbow pony cake festooned with glitter at a child’s birthday party. We’re talking real, skilled, employable unicorns. And we’ve been helping shape them for over 26 years.

The conundrum of the Employer is not dissimilar to that of the Prospective Employee. Each party requires skilled technical knowledge, preferably with hands-on experience, and an ability to think on their feet when faced with a challenge. The Prospective Employee often finds themselves in want of these skills because the majority of Employers demand them, and the competition is fierce!

Each party is often left with an opposing struggle, though each stem from the same pain point; the Job Seeker looks to stand out amongst the horde of applicants and the Employer has the headache of sifting through hundreds of applications, often having to rely on software services that can do more to undermine their search, than actually assist it.  

Every technician, every engineer, every graduate and second-career seeker is looking for a way to put themselves on top of that stack of resumes and be given the chance to show how their education and 2-year job experience can be just as valuable as that 5-year minimum requirement glaring up at them from the application screen. 

What if I told you it didn’t need to be 2 years…or even 6 months? What if it could be 10 DAYS? Or 5?

It’s not a farce or a trick question but rather, a reality we at Advanced Composites Training can provide both for Employers seeking skilled professionals, and for those seeking employable skills. 

ACT has created training programs centric to the materials, technologies, and processes of advanced composites. We’ve dedicated ourselves to refining our teaching methods and tailoring our courses to provide our trainees with the most current information, in exactly the right amount, in as little as just 5 days. (No, seriously!)

With hands-on practical exercises each day, trainees learn the properties of working with carbon, glass, and aramid (Kevlar®) fibres, cores of every type, resin matrices and the ever-important theory of fiber loading, pre & post-cure trouble shooting, and damage inspection. But the most important element in our instruction is the reason we are internationally recognized by our customers as being one of the highest quality composite training institutes worldwide, and the reason we have held a 100% employment rate amongst our graduates for over a quarter century. 

We believe in teaching the ‘why factor’.

Anyone can follow a recipe (or in this case, an SRM), but those who understand why there are voids in your laminates, or surface porosity in your finished tools, are the ones you can count on to not only help improve your processes, but actually streamline your production by cutting costs you may not even realize you have. That’s the mark of ACT’s true unicorn.

The most common phrase we hear from our trainees, whether they have 3 months or 10 years in the industry is, “I had no idea how much I didn’t know!” Well, if you think training is expensive, think about the cost of one BIG mistake! How much material is wasted on average for parts that must be scrapped due to fabrication errors? How much time is spent correcting technical data and drawings for structural designs that just won’t seem to lend themselves to flawless production? How much time is wasted waiting for the resources your technicians need to get the job done, and what can be done about it?

Advanced Composites Training is here to help. Send us your New-Hires, your tried-and-true Technicians, your seasoned Engineers- and in return, we’ll give them the hands-on experience and fundamental materials & process knowledge they need to increase your efficiency, streamline your productivity, trim your bottom line, and keep you competitive in your field.What are you waiting for? Contact ACT today and let us help you Stay Ahead of The Leading Edge!